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FreeBSD Network Stack Virtualization Project

Lundi 8 janvier 2007

There is very good news to FreeBSD aficionados like myself. This site is hosted on a FreeBSD VPS (Virtual Private Server) at the excellent JohnCompanies. The FreeBSD VPS is basically a jail. What I miss from the Linux VPS counterpart is the possibility to add more IP addresses, something that is not currently possible with jail. But this will be possible in the future for FreeBSD VPS.

The FreeBSD Foundation has negotiated a joint technology development agreement with NLNet and the University of Zagreb to develop virtualized network stack support for FreeBSD. With the generous sponsorship of NLNet, the FreeBSD Foundation has contracted Marko Zec at the University of Zagreb with the goal of producing a prototype implementation on FreeBSD 7-CURRENT in early 2007. Network stack virtualization allows complete networking independence between jails on a system, including giving each jail their own firewall, virtual network interfaces, rate limiting, routing tables, and IPSEC configurations. This powerful tool extends jails toward full operating system virtualization and addresses many of the known limitations of jails.