Rami G. Khouri: Two opposing trends, the same failure

Very good piece by Rami G. Khouri:

The clash between the colonialism of Israel and the incompetence of Fatah is one of the great tragedies of the modern Middle East, but like all such dynamics it does not pass unnoticed. The rise of Hamas and other militant Palestinian movements has been a direct response to both of these trajectories, an organic Palestinian determination to resist both the pain of perpetual occupation and the added pain of Palestinian complicity in perpetuating this condition.
The three strategies on show – Israeli colonialism, Fatah’s acquiescence, and Hamas’ resistance – all reflect short-term approaches that are unlikely to generate lasting, just solutions to this conflict, while inflicting more moral pain and physical suffering on all concerned. There are no easy exits from this corner, though the starting point for any movement toward more effective and mutually beneficial policies is to accept that current approaches have been universally catastrophic for all concerned. This lesson is especially relevant for external mediators who try their hand at peace-making.

Rami G. Khouri, Two opposing trends, the same failure, The Daily Star

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