In praise of Frontier


This is funny. Two peoples (Brent Simmons, Matt Neuburg) whom where involved with UserLand Frontier have built their own Web content management system inspire by it and won’t release the sources :) .


Anyway, I have learned programming in Frontier a while ago (when Frontier was Mac only). I must say that Dave Winer, Doug Baron and others have built an incredible system with Frontier, very sophisticated, and still very innovator even by today’s standard. UserTalk is a very elegant language, and when they introduced it, the web framework that was built on top of Frontier was prefiguring much stuff that we take for granted now. I must say that I learned a lot about MVC at that time (around 1996-1998). But it was not called like that.

I wish that Mark Aldritt of Script Debugger fame would took the Frontier source (now open source) and build a new Frontier for OS X only for scripting the system (the web stuff can’t be catch now when you have Ruby on Rails, PHP Code Igniter and others).


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