OpenDNS: Fast and Free

I recently came upon OpenDNS listening to the following podcast.

Technometria, Remaking DNS, ITConversations (MP3)

Basically, you use their DNS instead of the DNS provided by your ISP to get a faster resolving DNS service (i.e. your web pages will load faster). You are not obliged to create an account to use their service. But, if you do get an account, you will get some features like anti-phishing, typo correction in the domain names, filtering of adult sites, and stats. All these options are opt-in.

After using the DNS from OpenDNS, I have the feeling that my web pages load faster. Where clearly OpenDNS makes a tremendous difference is with SafariMobile on my iPod Touch when I’m home and using my wireless network.

OpenDNS use a very interesting business plan to makes money. Listen to the podcast to see how. They have Ray Ozzie as their principal investor, which is not a bad reference. They are already profitable.

I strongly recommend that you try the DNS provided by OpenDNS. It’s free, and if you just want to use their DNS, you are not obliged to sign for an account. What more can you ask for?

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