Panic get it (Fixing Coda)

Well, I have been contacted by one folk from Panic regarding my last post on Coda, asking me to download the last Coda release (1.0.1) (zip file) to check if the terminal bug I was talking about was fixed. The terminal bug is definitely fixed. I must say that the Coda terminal is also very nice. And, I’m totally impressed by the Panic folks.

* I’m not a customer of Panic.

* I didn’t write to Panic about this bug.

* I run an obscure blog.

* I said that Coda was not for me (well, I could buy a Coda « light »).

* But they contacted me to see whether their fix for the terminal was working.

So, in the end, Panic really digs the web and all that stuff about the « market as a conversation ».

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