Coda First Impressions

Well, like everybody, I’ve been impressed with the eye candy of Coda. Its nice to have everything bundled in one window. Unfortunately, for me, the bundle is not right because the text editor is not good as TextMate or BBEdit, and the CSS editor doesn’t look good as CCSEdit. And missing in action are bookmarks for the Web browser and bookmarks for the books included.

Also, the terminal have problem with my FreeBSD server. If I load my .bashrc config or launch vim, I get a garbled screen. And then, the only way to really quit the terminal, is to quit Coda, closing only the window seems not to work, because when I launch a new terminal, I get again the old window.

My mini reviews sound very negative, but in fact, Coda is very nice. I could use it as a sysadmin. I like very much the integration of a SFTP browser, a terminal window, a Web browser and a good editor. I can foresee a use to edit configurations files on the server, or do a quick modification on a web page. But I don’t see myself working all the day in Coda. I think Panic could do a « sysadmin » version, less expensive, with just the FTP/SFTP browser, the Web Browser, the text editor and the terminal, getting rid of the CSS editor and the included books on Javascript, CSS, HTML and PHP.

For a full fledged review, see Daring FireBall.

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  1. Lettre 13 » Blog Archive » Panic get it (Fixing Coda) Says:

    [...] Well, I have been contacted by one folk from Panic regarding my last post on Coda, asking me to download the last Coda release (1.0.1) (zip file) to check if the terminal bug I was talking about was fixed. The terminal bug is definitely fixed. I must say that the Coda terminal is also very nice. And, I’m totally impressed by the Panic folks. [...]