BBC’s Alan Johnston: One Month in Captivity in Gaza

You have to wonder why the BBC journalist Alan Johnston is still a hostage in Gaza. I have seen a number of its pieces on BBC News, and you can say that he is not an advocate of the Israeli intervention in Gaza. Quite the contrary. He is one of the occidental journalism that was able to give you a taste on how Israel was conducted itself as a ruthless killer in Gaza. I have in mind a particular segment where Alan Johnston was hiding on the top of the roof of a building, while Israeli drones where humming, trying to find a target. You could feel how frightening the situation was, with the BBC journalist whispering, trying not to attract the missile carried by the Israeli drone.

Now, clearly this journalist is in the hand of a gang of mobster. You have to wonder why either the Fatah or Hamas are not capable of liberating someone that you perfectly know in what hands he is. This show the limit of the power of the government in Gaza. In my opinion, the culprit is Israel which attacked what have been proto state entities, capable of imposing the law, and the Fatah and Hamas themselves that have, by corruption (Fatah), maximalism (Hamas), and infighting, discredit themselves to the point that they are no more capable to impose their legitimacy and will to mobsters carrying actions that are detrimental to the Palestinian cause.

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