Interesting Analysis on Lebanese Politics

There is more than anti-syrian and pro-syrian parties in Lebanon.

The March 14 Coalition, however, insisted that every wrong happening in Lebanon was the doing of the Syrians. Aoun was shunned for his views and, in a fit of rage, he lashed out against them, reminding the Hariri bloc that they were the same ones who legitimized Syria in Lebanon in the 1990s by assuming government office during the heyday of Syrian power under the late prime minister Hariri.

Siniora, after all, had been minister of finance when Syria was in control of Lebanon. Marwan Hamadeh, one of the loudest anti-Syrian voices, was minister of health, and Walid Jumblatt had been a close ally of Damascus and minister of the displaced under Hariri. The dramatic U-turn by the March 14 Coalition, and its continued anti-Syrian tone even after the exodus of the Syrian army, shed serious doubt on the government’s convictions, loyalties or beliefs.

Sami Moubayed, The anti-Siniora craze in Beirut, AsiaTimes

See also this article by Simon Tisdall in The Guardian.

Having looked on helplessly, or unhelpfully, during Israel’s destabilising summer bombardment of Lebanon, Britain and other European countries are now scrabbling to shore up Fouad Siniora’s shaky pro-western government. The foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, and her German counterpart were in Beirut at the weekend. Messages of solidarity have come from France and Italy. Even Israel is warning of dire consequences should Mr Siniora fall.

All agree that this week’s Hizbullah-organised, largely Shia Muslim demonstrations, although broadly peaceful and « democratic » so far, must not be allowed to topple the government. Their attitude contrasts awkwardly with the approving western view of last year’s anti-Syrian street protests by Sunni Muslims, Christians and Druze, whimsically dubbed the « cedar revolution », which ousted Lebanon’s then prime minister, Omar Karami.

Simon Tisdall, Iran v Saudis in battle of Beirut, The Guardian, December 5, 2006

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