Plan B: Stéphane Dion

« Canada changes, the Conservatives change and do certain things, all we need to do is make a gesture of openness to Quebec and we have just done exactly the opposite, » a former Quebec-based federal cabinet minister said on the convention floor.
What really frustrated the Quebec delegation — including several MPs who were sounded out a few minutes after Dion’s victory — was to see, in the words of one, « that the English don’t understand what they’ve just done in electing Stéphane Dion. »
The fact that Gerard Kennedy and his most celebrated supporter, Justin Trudeau, who are both opposed to the concept of a Quebec nation, rallied to Dion’s side has not improved his standing among Quebec Liberals.

Vincent Marissal, Delegates chose man most like Chrétien
But support not there in Quebec
, Toronto Star.

Though Liberals now celebrate Dion as « the next prime minister of Canada, » the rap against him is that he remains unpopular in Quebec, where the former unity minister is known for his acerbic wit, stiff personality, and uncanny ability to rub sovereignists the wrong way.
In the words of a senior Bloc Québécois official who attended the convention as an observer, « the biggest party tonight isn’t going to be here — it’s going to be at our headquarters. »

Sean Gordon, Improbable, yet unstoppable
Stéphane Dion’s win is seen as a victory of convictions over charisma
, Toronto Star.

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